New Year! New you! Three easy steps to better health.

Don’t be overwhelmed by complicated, conflicting health information. There are three easy changes you can make today that will help you increase your energy, improve your mood, smooth your skin, and benefit health and longevity.

One: Drink plenty of actual water.

Switch from the potentially harmful, empty calories of soda, juices, alcohol, or coffee–to water. Simple. Drink it warm, cold, or room temperature. Flavor it with lemon, mint, or citrus. Drink herbal teas (also known as herbal infusions)–without sugar. (If you must sweeten, use honey, maple syrup, or real agave.) Use a glass quart container to measure your intake. Some recommend one quart per 50 lbs of body weight, per day. I drink two quarts daily. I don’t worry about the ratio. Water helps smooth wrinkles, lubricate joints, prevent kidney stones, increase energy levels, regulate bowels, prevent UTIs, suppress food cravings, and increase weight loss. What’s not to like?

Two: Increase movement.

I’m not talking about going to the gym or starting a major workout routine. Any movement you weren’t getting before will help tone, build strength, and increase energy. Just do a little bit more today than you did yesterday and work up to 30 minutes of movement each day. Do it regularly, and you’ll start seeing a difference. (If you’re really out of shape, you may want to consult your medical professional first.)

Three: Eat real food.

You don’t have to be hungry. Just eat smarter–make your food count. Processed foods are high in calories, sugars, and harmful salts and chemicals, but low in nutrition. Focus on fresh vegetables; fruits; healthy proteins (clean eggs and meats, and legumes); whole grains; and beneficial fats (avocado, butter, pure olive oil, coconut oil).

Small changes can make a world of difference. Don’t get caught up in fads. Be steady and purposeful in pursuing a healthier you. Every body is different, but, in most cases, these three simple steps will bring you to a greater sense of health and overall wellness, without a lot of fuss.

Personal note: When I added two quarts of water per day and half and half (instead of milk) on my oatmeal and fruit breakfasts, I lost 20 lbs and gained a bundle of energy and mobility, over a six month period.

Happy New Year #2020!

Kristen Chevrier

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