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2024 Your Health Freedom Calendar

September 27: Your Health Freedom Awards Gala and Fundraiser

Join us for an elegant evening with fabulous presentations, a lovely setting, great food, and beautiful music. We will be giving awards to legislators and health freedom advocates. Mingle with like-minded friends–old and new–and support health freedom efforts in Utah!

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Brian Hooker

September 28: Your Health Freedom Family Picnic (Details TBA)

2024 Interim Schedule: The Utah Legislature holds Interim Committee meetings during the off-session to plan for the following session. If you would like to help us monitor these meetings, please email [email protected] to volunteer.

  • May 13-15.
  • June 18-19.
  • August 20-21.
  • September 17-18.
  • October 15-16.
  • November 19-20.
  • December 3 (Executive Appropriations and Legislative Audit Committees only)

Why is the annual Your Health Freedom Symposium NOT happening in 2024?

The annual Symposium will not take place in 2024 because we chose to focus our energy on the Primary Election, in order to elect legislators who we believe will best protect informed consent and health freedom. We were mostly successful in our efforts. See Primary election results here and an analysis below. We are thrilled that the majority of our convention nominees were successful in their races, despite having to beat signature gatherers twice.

To understand why the Caucus/Convention System is critical to protecting the voice of the grassroots see “The Caucus Booklet.” Please share this valuable resource with your family and friends. Help us save the voice of the people in Utah politics.

2024 Ticket Sales

Gala ticket link 


What people are saying about the annual Your Health Freedom Gala (and Symposium, which is not happening in 2024*)

I’ve had the pleasure of attending the Your Health Freedom Symposium for two consecutive years, and each time has been nothing short of spectacular and is truly a wealth of knowledge, empowerment, and inspiration for anyone seeking a holistic approach to health and well-being. The lineup of speakers at the Symposium is nothing short of amazing with experts from various niches sharing their insights, knowledge, and recommendations for understanding the world of health we live in. From the various vendors featuring organic supplements to innovative wellness devices, every vendor seemed to be perfectly selected to enhance the well-being of attendees. Attending the Your Health Freedom Symposium has become a highlight of my year, and I am looking forward to future events. It’s a rare gem that combines knowledge, community, and a genuine commitment to health freedom – I love it! 

Bradley Trede 

We’ve been able to attend the Your Health Freedom gala and symposium the past few years. It was absolutely a godsend during the chaos of Covid. To hear rational, science-based discussion rather than hyperbolic, fear was an absolute blessing. This is such an important event. I recommend it highly! 

Alison Moore Smith 

I went to the symposium where Dr. Peter McCullough was a guest speaker. It was very informative and I enjoyed every minute. I took notes upon notes that I refer to today.

I highly recommend this well run event. I’ll be attending again because it’s a 10 out of 10!! 

Alicia Johnson

2024 Keynote Speaker: Dr. Brian Hooker, co-author of Vax-Unvax: Let the Science Speak


See previous Symposium videos on Rumble.


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Blue Ribbon Utah Legislators


Utah Bills Passed that Protect Health Freedom (2021-2023). This list includes bills, original bill sponsors, and floor sponsors. There are many others who deserve credit for their work behind the scenes, and their efforts on the floor. Thanks to all legislators who are helping to restore freedom to the people!

Many thanks to all of the legislators who helped to pass these bills!

Mark Strong/Michael Kennedy HB233, 2021

Ensures the availability of vaccination exemptions in higher education.

Val Peterson/Evan Vickers HB1007, 2021

Prohibits a face covering requirement in the system of higher education and in the public education system.

Robert Spendlove/Daniel McKay HB308, 2021

Prohibits a governmental entity from requiring that an individual receive a 16 vaccine for COVID-19. (Repeals in July of 2024)

Kirk Cullimore/Mike Schultz SB2004, 2021 (Special Session)

Prohibits an employer from requiring an employee, a prospective employee, or a blood relative of an employee or prospective employee to receive a vaccine; establishes liability for an employer violation of the Employee Medical Protection Act; and limits an employer’s liability for compliance with the Employee Medical Protection Act.

Jefferson Burton/Kirk Cullimore HB63, 2022

Requires an employer to relieve an employee or a prospective employee of a COVID-19 vaccination mandate if the employee or prospective employee submits a physician’s note stating that the employee or prospective employee was previously infected by COVID-19.

Michael Kennedy/Steven Eliason SB144, 2022

Changes the state Genetic Privacy Act to preclude employers and insurers from requiring a genetic procedure, and defines genetic procedures broadly to include mRNA-type technology.

Walt Brooks/Michael Kennedy HB131, 2023

Prohibits a public accommodation from discriminating against an individual based on immunity status; with certain exceptions, prohibits a governmental entity from requiring proof of immunity status; with certain exceptions, makes it unlawful discrimination for an employer to require proof of immunity status; and prohibits a governmental entity or employer from requiring an individual to receive a vaccine.

Kirk Cullimore/Karianne Lisonbee SB171, 2023

Utah health care providers may deviate from “medical norms or established practices,” and thereby provide alternative health care services without violating the state occupation and professions act or their duty of care if: the provider has the training to “competently and safely administer the alternative health care service;” the service has a reasonable potential to benefit that patient; these potential benefits outweigh known harms or side effects of the service; “the alternative health care service is reasonably justified under the totality of the circumstances;” the patient signs a notice of deviation; and before providing services, the provider notifies the patient that they may enter into an agreement describing what would constitute the health care provider’s negligence related to deviation.

Further, prior to providing alternative health care, the provider must educate patients as to: the “health care services that are within the medical norms and established practices;” the fact that “the health care provider is recommending an alternative health care service that deviates from medical norms and established practices;” and the rationale for the deviation and any associated risks involved.

Your Health Freedom Utah is honored to have worked with many of these legislators on these bills. We are grateful to all who helped with the process.



Critical information on employer mandates. religious exemptions, religious exemptions for Federal contractor employees and military, and mission mandates, protocol for early out patient treatment, hospital, long haul, and other protocols. Please share widely.

School vaccines. Quick links to parent resources on school vaccine indoctrination module; Utah exemption laws; and how to manage school mandates.

Are you looking for a new path, because you’ve lost your current job or profession? Find a community here.

Report Utah COVID19 vaccine injury here.

BYU/Utah Football 2019
Vigil for our friend Colton Berrett, a victim of vaccine injury.
Krystle, momma of healthy baby Corbyn, who died 14 hours after a flu shot, speaking at the vigil for Colton Berrett.
October 2020 Banner Event. Educating police officers.

11 banners. Two day event. I-215, Bangerter Highway, and Redwood Road.
Many long days at the Utah State Capitol.


Your Health Freedom is a Utah-based organization. We are dedicated to the preservation of medical freedom. Please explore the information cataloged under the “Blog” and “Health Data and Law” tabs. Answers to many frequently asked questions can be found there.

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Due to difficulties with PayPal, online donations can only be accepted through Venmo at this time (@yourhealthfreedom). All donations go to advocacy, education, events, venues, and materials. Thank you!

Your Health Freedom is made up of volunteers. We are always looking for additional, energetic, dedicated volunteers, with a variety of skills. If you feel you can make a contribution and would like to volunteer, please contact [email protected], subject line “Volunteer.” Thank you! We look forward to working with you.

ACTION: Latter-day Saint Missionary Covid mRNA Injections

The issue of missionary vaccinations is becoming more urgent. Many mission presidents are reporting to the missionaries that Salt Lake is requiring missionaries to submit to a Covid 19 injection or stay sequestered and only interact with people online. They are also telling them that the shot is “safe,” which has not been determined. Missionaries have no access to research on either side of the question and are not being given informed consent.

ACTION #1: Please send this information to your missionaries and/or family and friends who have missionaries. Missionaries cannot use links, so we have created and attached pdfs of the critical information, so they can be informed. Download the pdfs to send to your missionaries.

  • A summary of reasons not to get Covid injections directed more at missionaries (“18 Reasons”)
  • A summary of reasons not to get Covid injections directed more at parents (“Considerations”) 
  • An excerpt from an analysis of human fetal cell line use in the two mRNA injections
  • A document for mission presidents to sign, prior to a missionary getting the injection, if a missionary decides to get it

NOTE: The shots should not qualify for EUA approval, at all, because we do have alternative treatments. (You may want to copy and paste some of this for your missionaries.)

  • Studies on Ivermectin for Covid Treatment (https://c19ivermectin.com/)
  • Studies on HCQ for Covid Treatment (https://c19hcq.com/)
  • Emergency Use Authorization “Under an EUA, FDA may allow the use of unapproved medical products, or unapproved uses of approved medical products in an emergency to diagnose, treat, or prevent serious or life-threatening diseases or conditions when certain statutory criteria have been met, including that there are no adequate, approved, and available alternatives. Taking into consideration input from the FDA, manufacturers decide whether and when to submit an EUA request to FDA.” (Emphasis mine. Link.)
  • Human Fetal Cell Lines Used in Covid Injections (link to complete document; missionary excerpt attached) (http://nodeception.org/aborted-fetal-cell-use-in-covid-19-vaccines/)

ACTION #2: Contact your mission president (email or call; don’t be afraid to call; they are there to take your calls)

ACTION #3: Contact the Missionary Department (801-240-1000). Ask for the Missionary Department and diplomatically, but candidly express your concerns.

Engage in conversation.

  • Ask for a review of the church’s vaccine policy.
  • Ask if the church is willing to meet with vaccine injured members, so that the church can better understand our concerns.
  • Ask for the church to refrain from dictating to families how to handle the personal health situations of our missionaries.
  • Ask for the church to allow for medical exemptions and still allow missionaries to serve as regular missionaries. (Not put them into quarantine for refusing to vaccinate).
  • Point out that having different health philosophies does not make you a disobedient or dangerous missionary. Health philosophies and conditions are highly personal and individual.
  • Ask them to remove the pressure and requirements for non-government required vaccines for foreign missionaries. (A very small number of vaccines are required by countries. Most of the vaccines required by Missionary Medical are simply travel recommendations from the CDC. Missionaries from other churches serve for years at a time with no vaccines at all.)
  • Ask them to inform stake and ward leaders that they may not require vaccinations as a prerequisite for participation in activities.
  • Ask them to help restore and protect religious freedoms that are being lost all over the nation on this very issue–opening the door for loss of religious freedom on other critical issues.

Please be sure missionaries know that there is no dishonor in returning home, if the only other option is to be sequestered for the duration. They should know that their health, safety, and emotional well being is more important than being “in the mission field,” marking time. Thank you, so much! –Kristen

Some Timely Resources

“Covid -19: Fast Facts” Cards

Covid Testing and Vaccine Rights, and Masking Data Cards

Who pays for vaccine makers’ mistakes?

Families do.

In 1986, in response to an overwhelming number of lawsuits over injuries caused by the DPT vaccine, Congress passed, and President Ronald Reagan signed into law, the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, removing all liability for injury caused by vaccines from the manufacturers, and creating a Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. The Vaccine Court was created for the litigation of vaccine injury claims. Payouts are made from the tax on vaccines charged to those who purchase them. This program had paid out over 4 billion dollars for injuries causally associated with vaccines, as of January of 2019.

As part of this deal, the Department of Health and Human Services was tasked with both working to improve the safety of vaccines, and with reporting to Congress on their progress every other year. In over 30 years, they have done neither.

Since liability has been removed from vaccine manufacturers, the CDC recommended schedule has exploded–from 8 vaccines in 1985 to 50 plus injections of 72 vaccines in 2018. The only manufacturers in the United States of America who are not held liable for product safety issues are the pharmaceutical companies–and only for vaccines.

It is our opinion that, just like any other industry, vaccine manufacturers must, once again, be held liable for the safety of their products.

For more information on the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA), watch 1986: The Act.

NOTE: The Vaccine Court does not apply to COVID19 vaccine injury. Manufacturer protection from liability for COVID19 vaccines exceeds even that of the NCVIA.

For more information on COVID19 vaccines, please see “The Fast Track.”

–Kristen Chevrier

Are you being coerced into vaccination?

The COVID19 mRNA “vaccines” are not vaccines. They are tools for genetic modification. Please, research first! Once you’ve done it, you can’t go back. And nobody is liable for injuries.

If you are a Utah employee, care center resident, or are otherwise being coerced into getting the Covid19 vaccine, please see resources at the top of this page and visit this link, print and fill in the form and take it to the appropriate individuals. Please share this information with others, as quickly as possible.

From another state? Go to your state health code and look for statute that is similar to what we’ve found in Utah.

–Kristen Chevrier

Banner Campaign

On October 8 & 9, 2020, Your Health Freedom coordinated with V is for Vaccine to host a major banner campaign over Utah Highways.

The objective? Give the public informed consent!

Although newspapers reported that UDOT forced the removal of the banners, the reality is that we showed UDOT the law and then continued on our original time-line for posting and removing the banners. They were never intended to stay up past rush hour. Leaving them up would have been counter-productive–and illegal.

Special thanks to all of our amazing volunteers, and to Joshua Coleman of V is for Vaccine for providing banners and taking video and photos of the event.

Look for more educational events, in the very near future!


Be sure to check out all our tabs for information on vaccine exemptions, and other health-related information. Get educated and involved! Here’s to health!

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Many thanks to the gold and platinum sponsors of our 2021 Your Health Freedom Symposium!