Ethics v. Profits

Medical care providers are offered incentives for the percentage of patients who receive specified vaccines — by the recommended ages — or before. An example of an insurance provider offering bonuses to doctors is found in Blue Cross Blue Shield’s 2016 and 2017 performance recognition program booklet.


For example — if a physician successfully administers vaccines to 100 patients — if 100 represents 63% or higher of the total patient count — that physician will receive a bonus of $40,000. This was in 2016.


Studies are being performed to measure the impact of physician bonus programs on immunization totals and are showing to at least increase record keeping, and also, possibly, to increase promotion of immunization of patients.

“Despite high background immunization rates, this modest financial incentive was responsible for approximately 7% increase in immunization rate among the ambulatory elderly.”

In this study — patients in Rwanda are the unknowing subjects of a bonus program evaluation that requires vaccination of pregnant women despite the lack of safety studies for this application of the vaccination program –

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