21 Vaccines Contain Cell Lines Derived from Aborted Fetuses

You may not be aware that many of the vaccines we use today have been manufactured using fetal cells from aborted babies at various gestations. This is usually dismissed as a “necessary evil” for the “greater good,” or simply excused, because it is thought that only one fetus was used long ago, so the damage is not on-going. 

We can see the fetal cells listed on the ingredient lists from the CDC and individual vaccine manufacturers designated as the fetal cell lines, WI-38 and MRC-5 or “cell cultures”. The MMR, Varicella, Zoster, Pentacel, Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B vaccines all contain fetal cell lines. This table shows 24 vaccines from  the US and Canada using aborted fetuses with manufacturer and product names. Some recent excipient lists from the CDC may have removed the cell lines from the ingredients, even though the production process has not been changed. 

Stanley Plotkin, considered to be the godfather of modern vaccines, has testified in a sworn testimony that over 76 human fetuses obtained through abortion have been used in the production of vaccines; with most used for the Rubella vaccine(called RA273), that is now part of the MMR. You can read the full deposition here, or watch here.  Or if you have time, watch the full 9 hours

There are several reasons to be concerned about the use of fetal cells in vaccine production besides the moral and religious objection to abortion. More aborted fetuses will be required as the continuous cell lines weaken and need to be replaced. Fetal cells are considered a contaminant in the manufacturing process and there is evidence that the amount of contamination exceeds acceptable safety limits from independent Italian researchers. Dr. Theresa Deisher shares some of her concerns in this open letter as well as her suggestions to improve the safety of vaccines by removing and replacing the fetal cells. To learn more about how and why fetal cells are used in vaccine production, and why they may be causing vaccine adverse events, please see this article by toxicologist Ashely Everly, Human Aborted Fetal Cell DNA in Vaccines. For direct links to all vaccine package inserts, adverse event lists, many peer reviewed vaccine studies, and information about the vaccine injury compensation program see https://vaccine.guide/.

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