Response to Coloring Page in the Children’s Church Magazine, “The Friend”

It is with the heaviest heart that I write this letter to you.  After much prayer, soul searching, and research and as a lifelong member, teacher, mother, and grandmother, I am alarmed at the use of church publications to target innocent children with the church’s promotion of vaccinations in the context of the COVID crisis.  I speak of the coloring page that is scheduled to be published in the June edition of The Friend magazine.  (See above.)  

I have studied the issue of the various COVID injections* with great focus and intent.  I am convinced that the COVID injections mark a dark descent into the reckless misapplication of science into realms that portend staggering, serious consequences for humanity.  I realize that you may hold a differing view.  Setting aside any disagreement you may have with the previous statement, it is undeniable that the covid injections are experimental.  It is undeniable that the injections work on the level of human genetics.  It is undeniable that there are no long-term trials on their safety and efficacy  It is undeniable that the excipients within the injections are, or can be, toxic to the human body.  It is undeniable that the church has a major conflict of interest, with its massive investment into the very pharmaceutical companies that are profiting from these injections.**

The church has responded to the outcry from the coloring page by saying that they have long supported vaccinations, and that this picture in The Friend is simply in keeping with that tradition.  The church’s general support of vaccinations requires much-needed scrutiny and concern, and is a subject for another time, but the features of the picture and the timing of its release contextualizes that picture to the COVID crisis.  The child and nurse are wearing masks, and the extensive promotion and distribution of the COVID injections, displayed everywhere on billboards and elsewhere, makes this coloring page about these injections, not just any vaccination.

Moreover, I am alarmed at the church’s use of $20 million of our “sacred funds” spent in partnership with the United Nations through UNICEF and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation through GAVI and CEPI to support the COVAX campaign to distribute experimental, insufficiently tested, potentially toxic, genetically tampering COVID injections around the world.  According to UNICEF, this is the largest donation they have ever received.  UNICEF also said that some of these funds will be used to “help nations create trust in vaccines [and] address misinformation.”***  As one who has followed the activities of the United Nations and governments around the world in the midst of this crisis, I am concerned about the means used to create that trust and address that “misinformation.”  Will there be honesty, and will there be a fair representation of different scientific points of view?  I have my doubts.  

Equally alarming is Sharon Eubank’s recent defense of “His Holiness the Pope, who has overleapt the difficult barriers about the way that “stem cells” might be used in a vaccine.  He received the vaccine.  The Pope Emeritus received the vaccine.  They’ve given those examples.  They have given theological resonance for . . . ‘we feel that this is spiritually acceptable.’”****  In addition to the problematic features of these injections previously mentioned, fetal cell lines (what Eubank calls “stem cells”) were used in the production or testing of at least the Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and Pfizer injections.*****

Moreover, in light of the indisputable facts we have that these injections are experimental, insufficiently tested, potentially toxic, and tamper with human genetics, President Nelson’s and his counselors’ very public receiving of the injection, and President Nelson’s comments that this injection is a “literal godsend” and an answer to prayer and fasting is sobering and also aligns him with the Pope in “overleap[ing] . . . difficult barriers” regarding fetal cell lines that should, in my opinion, be maintained, not “overleapt.”

In the Come Follow Me curriculum we have been learning the practice of common consent.  I have done considerable research into its definition.  No one in the church hierarchy has asked for my input, but my study of common consent prompts me to proclaim, in the strongest terms possible and with the strongest feelings of a mother and grandmother:
I DO NOT CONSENT to the targeting of children with the message in this coloring page.
I DO NOT CONSENT to the church’s promotion of the covid injections in general, for children or for adults.
I DO NOT CONSENT to the use of the “sacred funds” of the church for the promotion of the covid injections in countries around the world.
I DO NOT CONSENT to the church’s giving “theological resonance” and support to “overleap” or silence the moral sense that requires us to take umbrage at the use of fetal cell lines in the production or testing of any vaccine and, in particular, these covid injections.

Most sincerely,
Julene Humes
*They are not vaccines; they are gene therapy.  Moderna calls this technology “the software of life” and an “operating system”  to “program cells.”  See


  1. Since LDS Church has promoted the taking of vaccines then damages that result should result in a financial liability by the Church

  2. Fabulously written/said!!!! You made my day!!!!

  3. Absolutely love this! Thank you!!!!!!

  4. Beautifully said ????????

  5. Choose the right when a choice is placed before you in the right the Holy Spirit guides!!! Thanks for the truth !!!

  6. Thank you, absolutely profoundly put, I agree with you 100%! Thank you, so well written… Everyone of my concerns you have addressed!!! We need to get a like minded group together, I would be willing, and able to help out in anyway I can!

  7. Well said. My concerns also.

  8. I too have been studying about Covid and also this experimental vaccine! This has been very well said and I can’t agree more with this post! We deserve answers as to what is happening with our church, leaders and those going along with this planned Demic and these fake vaccines! Please stop with any type of forcing, coercing or putting out fear any of this information to us as members of the church.
    Thank you

    1. Yes, I agree. I’m very troubled with what the leaders are doing and our sacred funds going to “not so good” organizations. This push for “shots” that are dangerous is causing me confusion and much frustration. Too many church members feel the “need to obey”. No. Thank you for sending this letter. My same feelings are expressed in it.

  9. I’m so grateful this letter was sent. I’m so troubled and confused by what is going on.

  10. Brilliant. Thank you. As a grandmother of 18, a faithful member of this church for 60 years, a strong testimony and one who deeply honors our beloved prophet, I ALSO DO NOT CONSENT to all of the above mentioned. I could not agree more with this post. I would love to help form a group with like-minded researchers like Julene Humes to speak out against these dangerous, experimental vaccines. Especially for children, youth, missionaries, & healthy adults. The side effects over the years are far worse than Covid itself for young & healthy people. It’s also with a heavy heart that I truly thank Julene for speaking out with such profound wisdom and research.

  11. Perfectly written!!! ??????

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