Why are vaccine manufacturers not held liable?

In 1986, in response to an overwhelming number of lawsuits over injuries caused by the DPT vaccine, Congress passed, and President Ronald Reagan signed into law the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, removing all liability for injury caused by vaccines from the manufacturers, and creating a Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. The Vaccine Court was created for the litigation of vaccine injury claims. Payouts are made from the tax on vaccines charged to those who purchase them. This program had paid out over 4 billion dollars for injuries causally associated with vaccines, as of January of 2019.

As part of this deal, the Department of Health and Human Services was tasked with both working to improve the safety of vaccines, and with reporting to Congress on their progress every other year. In over 30 years, they have done neither.

Since liability has been removed from vaccine manufacturers, the CDC recommended schedule has exploded–from 8 vaccines in 1985 to 50 plus injections of 72 vaccines in 2018. The only manufacturers in the United States of America who are not held liable for product safety issues are the pharmaceutical companies–and only for vaccines.

It is our opinion that, just like any other industry, vaccine manufacturers must, once again, be held liable for the safety of their products.

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