76 Human Fetuses were used in the Development of the Rubella Vaccine

January 11, 2018 Dr. Stanley Plotkin was deposed, under oath, as a vaccine expert – in relation to the custody proceedings of Matheson vs. Schmitt, in Michigan. MATHESON VS. SCHMITT: DEPOSITION OF STANLEY A. PLOTKIN, M.D.

He states, on the record, that 76 fetuses were used in the creation of the Rubella vaccine. Listen to the 9 minute clip where this is discussed, on YouTube or Facebook, or view the 9 hour recording for significantly more detail.

Some key points made in the deposition:

  • 76 fetuses were used in the Rubella Eradication study
  • All aborted fetuses used were 3 months or older, and developing normally
  • The fetuses were aborted for social and psychiatric reasons
  • Organs and tissues harvested and cultured by Dr. Plotkin’s co-workers on the study included: pituitary gland, lung, skin, kidney, spleen, heart, possibly tongue, etc. 
  • Dr. Plotkin has worked with many fetuses in his studies, even before they decided to use them in vaccine production. He is credited with 477 unique scientific studies and holds at least 8 vaccine-related patents
  • One of the objections to vaccination, by the plaintiff in the divorce case in question, was the use of aborted fetal tissue in the creation of vaccines
  • Dr. Stanley Plotkin cites a document issued by the Catholic Church stating that individuals who need vaccines should receive them, and implies that someone like Dr. Plotkin, rather than those who use vaccines, would go to hell for the use of aborted tissues. Dr. Plotkin states he would be glad to go to hell for this reason
  • Orphans, babies of mothers in prison, and individuals under Colonial rule in the Belgian Congo have been used to study experimental vaccines
  • In the 1960’s, it was not an uncommon practice to use the mentally handicapped to study experimental vaccines. Dr. Plotkin doesn’t deny having done so, but says he doesn’t remember it specifically [1]
  • Dr. Plotkin’s article is cited – Attenuation of RA27/3 Rubella Virus in WI38 Human Diploid Cells, in which it states that 13 mentally retarded children were given an RA27/3 vaccine. He then admits that is what he did.
  • Dr. Plotkin doesn’t remember saying it is better to perform experiments on those who are “human in form, but not in potential.” But his philosophy was delineated in a letter that he later acknowledges was written by him [1]

Dr. Plotkin did not remain an impartial researcher, but went on to accept a position with a vaccine manufacturer and collaborated with Dr. Paul Offit in the production of the patented RotaTeq vaccine.

“In 1991, a private vaccine company, Pasteur Mérieux Connaught Vaccines, offered Plotkin a position as the company’s medical and science director. Plotkin accepted and relocated to Paris, France, with his family later that year. In 1997, he returned to the US as a consultant for the multinational vaccine producer, Aventis Pasteur, later called Sanofi Pasteur, headquartered in Lyon, France. In 2006, Plotkin, collaborated with vaccine researchers Fred Clark and Paul Offit in the US to create a rotavirus vaccine, which they called RotaTeq, based on research Plotkin had started nearly twenty years earlier.” — https://embryo.asu.edu/pages/stanley-alan-plotkin-1932

[1] He wrote this in a letter. Here is the video. Also found on page 349 in the deposition transcript.

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