Writing a Religious Exemption for an Employer

Be consistent.

Think through the following:

  • If you’ve used vaccines before, why are you not opting not to use one or all right now?
    • You learned what’s in them (mRNA)?
    • You’ve learned where the vaccines come from (cell lines derived from aborted fetuses)?
    • Your beliefs changed?
    • You object to a particular vaccine, based on one of the points above?

Religious objections are not necessarily sect based.

  • A religious objection can be based on your personal religious beliefs–even if your organized religion teaches differently. (It is helpful if your state’s K-12 exemption is based on individual religious beliefs, rather than tied to the teachings of your denomination.)
  • Know what your religion teaches, because you may be able to apply it.
  • Include in your letter the Supreme Court Definition of Religious Belief: “The Supreme Court has interpreted religion to mean a sincere and meaningful belief that occupies in the life of its possessor a place parallel to the place held by God in the lives of other persons. The religion or religious concept need not include belief in the existence of God or a supreme being to be within the scope of the First Amendment.”
  • If you can tie your objection to scripture and/or doctrine, it’s helpful. But this is not a treatise.
  • Once you’ve claimed “religious exemption,” it does not need to be justified.
  • The Constitution says all religions are exempt, or no religion is exempt, but we cannot pick and choose religions.

Request reasonable accommodation.

  • You are, under Title VII, entitled to reasonable accommodation (medical; ADA; and religious accommodations).
  • The burden is on the employer to show that there is no way to reasonably accommodate.
  • Note that the COVID injection does not prevent spread.
  • If you work in a high risk environment (around bodily fluids and contagious illness) could you wear a mask instead? Could you do a self health check before coming to work? Could you submit regular spit tests?

Find religious exemption forms and exemption laws for your state here.

Be gracious and try to work with the employer, instead of against.


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