In my early years as a Licensed Professional Counselor a mentor said to me, “Brett, when you’re in the presence of people who suffer deeply, you’re on sacred ground.” Because of the work I do, I am frequently on sacred ground.

Last January, I had the privilege of participating in a candlelight vigil for Colton Berrett, a young man now known around the world for his outrageously positive attitude following his severe HPV vaccine reaction four years previously. (Interview with Colton.)

The vigil was held on the street just north of the Ogden LDS Temple, a location that Colton would have approved of because he was an active member in the LDS church.

Several people spoke. Some spoke of the inspiration Colton provided them. Others spoke of their own children’s suffering and unnecessary deaths. We sang, prayed and wept. We bore witness. That night we stood together on sacred ground.

The media was invited to share the story. No one showed. No surprise.

The parents of vaccine-injured and dead children are not only hurt by the senseless suffering and loss of their children, they are hurt by the lack of compassion shown to them. Many people have a hard time believing that “the world’s greatest medical invention” might sometimes injure and kill children. Their faith in the salvational value of vaccines is proof of the effectiveness of pharma-funded vaccine propaganda.

Countering million-dollar marketing campaigns is not easy, but as the staggering costs of vaccine injury become more evident, everyone will one day bear witness to the crimes of the people who profit from the vaccine paradigm and program.

Prior to giving the presentation recorded in this video, I thought of myself as the teacher. That’s true in some respects. But the children taught me that you’re never too young to learn and bear witness to the truth. They gave me hope that one day the people of their generation—a generation that suffers deeply from vaccine injury—will rise up and stop the carnage. That night I was in the presence of greatness. That night I stood on sacred ground.

Brett Wilcox

Brett Wilcox is the author of Jabbed: How the Vaccine Industry, Medical Establishment and Government Stick It to You and Your Family.

In this video, Brett and a group of school children discuss the truth about vaccines, vaccine injury, and vaccine bad guys. Near the end of the presentation, the children share personal stories of vaccine injury and what should be done to the criminals who profit from Pharma-funded vaccine policy. Their clarity of vision give hope for a brighter future. Your Health Freedom is pleased to sponsor this video. If you'd like to help us produce more videos, please use the donate button in the right side bar. All donations to Your Health Freedom fund vaccination and immunity education advocacy.

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